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We have yet to try the team version of the game so I cannot speak as to whether it is fun or not, but I'm sure it's fine, this game really is designed for 2 though.In conclusion if your a Star Wars fan and like games in any way, get this game. I didn't end up pulling the trigger on Imperial Assault or Armada. At the beginning of the game each player has several systems that are loyal to them, and the Rebel player will choose a system to be the location of the secret Rebel base.Both sides start with four leaders, iconic characters from the Star Wars movies. And the detail on the board and the different planets, then detail,on the cards, the dice are quality. It does take 4 hours to play, so you'll only get one or two games finished in one evening.I highly recommend this game to players who have long attention spans, and love star wars. Why I did not give this 5 stars is simple time. The Empire wins if it can successfully locate and destroy the hidden Rebel base. The Death Star might be destroyed at Kessel. If either side fails with their balance, the other is guaranteed to win.The replay-ability of this game is addictive. I've wanted to see a Star Wars board game on the “Axis & Allies” model for years, and Fantasy Flight Games has finally given it to us. Also, leaders with tactic ratings can command fleets, moving ships and units from one system to an adjacent system. I love this game and how it works. Having played this game for the past year of owning it, I thought I'd give a detailed review.Over all, it is mostly balanced. I play board games 2x a week. The components are great and the play be it a little luck is still fun to play. This is a fun game, but I can’t seem to get it to the table. The first is before band after work I have 2 hours to play with my friend. Looking at the rule book it seems daunting like the game is going to be super complicated, but it's not! This may have just been a fluke or us just getting use to the game, because the last game play I won as the rebels quite decisively. They need to change the box to just say two players.Getting back to time. They are, of course, very different games other than the Sci-Fi theme. The only ones who shouldn't get this game are people who don't like longer games and don't care for Star Wars. I didn't end up pulling the trigger on Imperial Assault or Armada. But if this seems even remotely appealing to you, try it out.......wait scratch that...... It also means that timing is crucial.

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and that is saying a lot. launch surprise attacks on their opponent or engage in direct combat by moving units it a system occupied by the units of another player. It also means that timing is crucial. This game is super complicated. and the Rebel player has no idea what systems have already been ruled out with his/her opponent's access to the probe deck. Leaders can also be used to oppose the other player's missions (both the leader assigned to the mission and the leader opposing it have to have skill icons that match the mission profile). but much better with 3 or 4). Forbidden Stars and X-wing Miniatures. I think this game fills an important niche in the Fantasy Flight library. it comes close. which feels a little too light in Twilight Imperium and perhaps too cumbersome in Forbidden Stars. or it may yield an entirely new combination of plot events. I can't recommend this game enough to Star Wars fans and tabletop enthusiasts. I wanted to throw in a few notes of comparison here. is not simply about its mechanics- solid as they are. The Death Star might be destroyed at Kessel. is a two-to-four-player tabletop game that pits the evil Galactic Empire against the heroes of the Rebel Alliance. and they may also place new units on a production track (the systems they control that allow them to build units specify what units and where they are placed on the track). Heads up for those that are buying this as a gift and plan on playing it too. I may be playing a lot more Rebellion in the future simply because it is much easier to find just one other person with 2-4 hours on their hands rather than 3-5 other people with 6+ hours. not knowing what missions they will be able to oppose with their icons. Boba Fett might capture Chewbacca at Mon Calimari. I attached a photo of some of the pieces that are broken for example. Rebellion is sufficiently unique from them both that it doesn't feel like a clone of either experience. We're gonna watch a YouTube video to try and figure how to play this. this game is dripping with theme- and that's why you love it. combat ensues. you will LOVE Star Wars Rebellion. Rebellion combines elements from these games into an all-new play style that feels streamlined but not overly simplistic and that allows for lots of unique game play strategies. and the noble sacrifice of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unassigned leaders remain available to move units an oppose missions of the other player (i. iconic characters from the Star Wars movies. which effectively reduce the number of turns the Empire has to find and destroy the base. I really like the asymmetrical play in Star Wars: Rebellion. The box came pretty destroyed! during the transportation or it was already damaged before. make sure you have a lot of time set aside to figure this game out. are also used in combat. Star Wars: Rebellion is a solid game from a mechanics stand point. it feels like Star Wars thanks to the excellent execution of thematic elements. very different games other than the Sci-Fi theme. all of my star destroyers were a little damaged from bad molding. revealing two locations where the Rebel Base is NOT hidden. Star Wars: Rebellion is a grand strategic game set in the Star Wars universe. Sending a Rebel leader out on a raid while Darth Vader is still in reserve is a bad idea- sending an Imperial leader out on a diplomatic mission while Mon Mothma has not yet been played can really cost you as well. many of the Rebel missions are designed to harass the Empire and distract them from their goal. Cool game for the StarWars fans. but it came BRAND NEW with broken pieces. and more. which will be dramatically different as you switch between Rebels and Imperials across consecutive games. it took us an hour to read most of it and it was so complicated we were mentally enhausted and decided to try again next time. Command and Refresh. building/deploying units and recruiting new leaders. as this means their influence will have grown large enough for the galaxy to rise up against the Empire in a full-scale Rebellion! Been waiting almost a week from fantasy flight to get a response about replacing them. Lando Calrissian might train with Yoda to become a Jedi. the Imperial player will have unmatched military power that it is able to rapidly deploy in the early game. and the Rebel player will choose a system to be the location of the secret Rebel base. Both players are playing a very different game. The Empire wins if it can successfully locate and destroy the hidden Rebel base. The combinations of your own thematic Star Wars adventure are endless.