LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith at AP Walker 75234 Building Kit (689 Pieces)


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LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith at AP Walker 75234 Building Kit (689 Pieces) Description



Build an impressive AT-AP Walker LEGO Star Wars vehicle with detailed cockpit, articulated legs and aiming turret with spring-loaded shooter! Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.


I highly recommend this product. Also loved the outcome! Also loved the outcome! All 5 minifigures include adequate weapons.The walker itself was a fun build. A variety of techniques are used to create the unique angles of the cockpit, and the result is a beauty to behold. I have built hundreds of Legos, most Star Wars, and many 2k+ pieces. Its big sturdy and comes with 3 awesome mini figs including Commander Gree! A+I preordered this set for its full $60 but now its 48 dollars. It lacks some poseability, but not enough to sully my opinion of the overall product. I'd highly recommend it. The interior cockpit is quite roomy and allows ample seating for two clones, and includes control panels for each, along with a large targeting screen showing the Droid Gunship in the walker's sights. With a few hours of opening it our son had it built. To allow the clones to get in as they would in reality, there are hinged cockpit hatches on either side to allow access.The two main legs are mirror images of each other, and are posable only at a single hinge close to the body of the walker. It does experience just a little bit of sag under its own weight, but nothing terribly distracting. This walker is pretty much a mobile gun emplacement, and as such it possesses a retractable third leg for stability when firing. This lego set arrived in new condition & priced very well. Plus, it has two awesome new battle droids. This does limit display to only a few configurations, so if you are planning on creating a very dynamic battle scene, this might be something to consider.The main gun on the top of the walker is absolutely massive. Its accurate to the movie Revenge Of The Sith.

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