LEGO Jurassic World Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape 75929 Building Kit (577 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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LEGO Jurassic World Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape 75929 Building Kit (577 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Description



Build the mobile control center truck, featuring a 2-seater cab with sunroof, stud shooter, Gyrosphere, Carnotaurus dinosaur figure and dinosaur eggs! Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.


It took him a few days of after school building, so was a great distraction for him.The set itself is well thought out with the nice big dinosaur figure and vehicle with enough moving parts for entertainment once built. Having said that, though roughly the same size as the T-Rex, the Carnotaurus has a few noticeable differences. He could not wait to rip into it, in spite of over a dozen other great gifts. He is lagging behind most children his age in basic educational skills such as reading, writing and math, yet he was able to build this set with minimal adult supervision or assistance. Oh my gosh. This thing is fantastic. Took 6 or 7 hours with me and my 5 year old grandson taking our time and having him do as much as he could while I assisted a lot. My son has been setting up epic battle scenes between the two nonstop.Finally, this set comes with a cute baby dinosaur. The actual head of the T-Rex is slightly larger than the Carnotaurus', but when placing them next to each other in the same pose, they are basically the same size. Rex Transport 75933 Building Kit (609 Piece), Multi , LEGO Juniors T. Made my 6 year-old grandson's birthday! The green foliage all looks great and the design portion to spill hot lava does exactly as intended.Something that is absolutely awesome in this set is the Gyrosphere. Though Owen is available in other Jurassic World sets, he's the same in each of them. The back 'bed' portion of the truck comes off easily and allows for easy movement. Additionally, this is the only LEGO set where you can get Franklin (who looks great in LEGO form by the way). Hola, quisiera darles visibilidad que para muchos clientes en Costa Rica , usuarios que compramos a través de su plataforma amazon, fuimos afectados por el operador logístico, este paquete por ejemplo fue extraviado y no dan razón de donde está, a pesar de que fue entregado por ustedes, no es un problema de ustedes claramente, pero de alguna forma afecta el flujo de compras totalmente , deberían exigir calidad a las empresas que forman parte integral del proceso de compra, para que mantengan la calidad que ustedes tienen y exijan lo mismo, ha sido grande la afectación y lo peor es que sus plataformas de servicio no funcionan.  This may be the 'sleeper' set that surpasses all the others in the Jurassic World lineup.The design on Owen in this set is only available in this LEGO set. the Carnotaurus. Possible spoiler for the movie... Thank you for reading my review and please be sure to check out my other LEGO reviews.Happy bricking!

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